Whether you want to admit it or not, people have some kind of affection for nutt or cum or whatever you wish to call it. If you say that’s not true, look at gay and str8 porn these days. They emphasize the powerful cum shot and most of the films now are making it where the stars have to lick and/or swallow the nutt. Even more hardcore films have them nutt on their asshole and push it back in. (I must admit I do love that).

If you realize with your own sexual experiences, after you have reached your climax and have ejaculated, your mind is clear. It’s like nothing else cares in the world. LOL….do you agree? I know for me its true! LOL

And then you have the powerful connection there is when one man gives his nutt to his man and/or woman. It’s more than just the feel of nutt on your skin or in your ass but its a mental connection as well.

I strongly believe that half our world’s problems would be solved if the people causing the problem(s) were having GREAT sex whether at home with their spouse or with a trick! LOL.

What are your thoughts?