This is a topic which I know is very passionate for many and for good reason. Sex is a very important part of our lives yet I wonder, if at times, its crippling us from developing healthy relationships. I say this because you go to online sites and see how some guys base their “future” friendships on someone’s sexual preference. Now when does one’s sexual preference have anything to do with someone being your friend? Can someone explain this to me? It’s crazy. LOL. And we won’t even touch how some equate being a bottom as being less of a man. Or if you are a top, its the ultimate in Manhood! That twisted logic is so prevalant it makes me want to puke. For me, any man that bottoms is more of man than one who gives the dick…but i digress! LOL

Another example occured with me trying to date this one guy. We met online, had a couple of dates (non sexual), we talk about our life, what we want out of life, etc. The conversations were great and we had so much in common. But then I start to notice his conversation to dwindle a month or so into our meeting. So I ask him to explain why the sudden change in our conversations. At first he wouldn’t say anything but after I kept pressing him he tells me I’m a great guy, real cool, mature, blah blah blah…yet would not continue to get to know me on the dating level because I wasn’t a 100% top. He couldn’t deal with me being versatile/top. I was speechless.

I would have never thought that would be such deciding factor in one’s relationship. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so many eligible brothers are not in a relationship.

There is a good book by Michael Christoper called “From Top to Bottom”. It’s a very good book and really chronicles fictional character’s relationships and the sexual dymanic in each. I would highly suggest you get this book. You can get it:

So I would like your thoughts on this topic!