Hello everyone. I’m Daddy Rod. A Black Men. A Renaissance Man. A Kinkster. A Leather Man!

I was born and raised in San Jose, CA (better known as Silicon Valley). I knew early on I was Gay but didn’t really get to live and explore my true Gay self (LOL) until I graduated college. Education was very important to me and I didn’t want to become distracted while trying to achieve my educational and career goals.

I am often asked when did I know I was in Leather/BDSM or better yet, just outright Kinky. LOL. I can honestly say my first introduction to Leather was when I was around 7 or 8 years old while watching the news. The local news channels would highlight  an annual Leather/Kink event called Folsom St. Fair held in San Francisco each year in late September. The local news would show “G-rated” video of the event and all that I can remember was being intrigued by the look of Leather on many of the guys. During my high school days, I would go to the public library searching for the Advocate Magazine and look at the ads in the back of the book which had ads from Leather events, bars and Men seeking services. I never reached out to them about services but my interest peaked by looking at the photos and dreaming of going to a leather bar or event, when I became of age.

I didn’t go to my first leather bar until I graduated from college and moved home back in 1996. I went to the Stud in San Francisco and was befriended by a couple of Leather Men who knew I was newbie and took me under their wings to give me a brief history of Leather and the various kinks. From that moment on, I would hit the Castro and Folsom area to check out a few of the bars but I didn’t really do anything because I didn’t see too many Men of Color in the establishments and often times I was basically ignored while in the space!

I can honestly say I became more intent on my exploration of the Leather/BDSM community when I moved to New York City in 1999. I met up with a man named John, who was part of the now defunct organization called “The NY Panthers”. It was an organization for Black Men who were into Leather. For the first time, I felt welcomed in a space of Leather Men and they truly took me under their wing and introduced me to Leather Men and Women of all ethnicities. A few of those individuals were members of ONYX. At that time, ONYX only had two chapters – Midwest (Chicago) and Southeast (Atlanta).

In late 2001, I moved from the NYC area to the Atlanta area where I connected with the ONYX Southeast Chapter. I became a Member of the chapter in 2003 and really became very active in the Atlanta Leather/BDSM community. Since becoming a member of ONYX, I’ve had the great opportunity to meet so many beautiful Men and Women of all races who have nurtured me into the Leather man I am today. We have great organizations that showcase the diversity in our community and it’s a beautiful thing!

In April 2016, I became the 1st African American Mr. Atlanta Eagle. It was truly an honor to represent the Atlanta Eagle as they have been a great community space for Leather/BDSM and Kinksters in the Atlanta area. In 2017, I represented the Atlanta Eagle at International Mr. Leather (IML) and I must say that was an experience I will never forget. I met so many Leather men from around the world who I can say are my Brothers.

I’m still very active in the Leather community as a whole. I’m the current ONYX National Treasurer and Social Media Coordinator. I co founded the Atlanta BDSM Workshops along with the late Sir Alan Penrod (Southeast Black and Blue) in 2014. Sir Alan’s boy/pup “Nitro” has taken over Sir’s part and we host these free educational workshops every 3rd Wednesday at the Atlanta Eagle.

I have many interests beyond just being a Educated Kinkster LOL. I’m also a Photographer and DJ. You can check out my links to my music mixes on the music page and Erotic/Fetish Photography on photography page! I’m also known for my Peach and Apple Cobblers and Rum Cake!

All in All, I’m a pretty well rounded guy. 🙂