Private Instruction Packages

Explore Your Kink: Private Lessons with Daddy Rod

In addition to public workshops, Daddy Rod offers private BDSM skills training for Individuals, Couples and small groups.

Topics can include

  • Ass Play – Intimate, sexy, fun exploring anal play using dildos, butt plugs, hands and so much more. (*)
  • Impact play – flogging, spanking, paddling and hand-impact (*)
  • Sensation play – including clothespins, and temperature play (*)
  • D/S – creating, deepening and sustaining a D/S relationship
  • Polyamory – opening up your relationship, joining someone else’s relationship, and dealing with problems.
  • When things go wrong – How can you avoid problems? How can you best handle problems when they arise? What can you learn from these inevitable bumps?

(*) These topics are best suited for in-person instruction

If you’re new to BDSM, you can count on Daddy Rod to cover the basics of technique, safety and style. For more targeted or advanced learning, Daddy Rod can easily create a more focused lesson. There’s value here, regardless of your background or skill level.

Daddy Rod’s broad skill set, longtime experience, and substantial toy collection allow him to respond to questions and direction changes smoothly and professionally. Because these are private lessons, the pace and content can be adjusted mid-lesson to make sure you get the most from your investment. These lessons are all about you, and Max is committed to giving you value for your time and money.

Private Lessons via Videoconference

Fee: $100 / hour, 1 hour minimum

You can learn from Daddy Rod even if you’re not in the Atlanta area. Daddy Rod is pleased to offer lessons via videoconference at a mutually agreeable date and time. Prior to the videoconference, you will correspond via email to discuss specific topics you would like to focus on during your videoconference.

Personalized Private Instruction for Individuals, Couples or Threesomes

Fee: $125 / hour, 2 hour minimum

These sessions are for individuals, couples and threesomes, and are individually tailored to your skill level and special interests.

Many hands-on topics like Ass Play or Impact Play (i.e. spanking/paddling or flogging) work best with a practice partner, although some basic skills can be covered without a partner. Discussion-based topics like D/s can easily be covered without a partner.

Group Lessons/Special Events

Fee: $150 / hour, 2 hour minimum

Does your group or club or event want to know more about sensual intimacy, BDSM, or D/s relationships? Would you like a Demo or Demos showcased? Looking to have an in-depth question/answer discussion led by a noted community educator?

Working closely with you prior to the event, Daddy Rod will customize a demo(s), lecture or lead a group discussion based on your needs and interests.

Gift Certificates

Private lessons make the best gifts! Why not give your partner, your friend or even yourself the unique gift of a private lesson for their birthday, anniversary or another special occasion.

Daddy Rod will provide you with an ‘official’ gift certificate and ready for gifting!

To purchase your gift certificates, email

Scheduling a Lesson with Daddy Rod

To book Daddy Rod for a private lesson and inquire about rates and terms., please email him at: or you can use the contact page!

Please include some information about your schedule, your interests, and your experience.